Top Mobile Apps for Lawyers

By Albatross Editorial Team

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a lawyer that spends most of their time in office. In the legal world, tasks need to be performed quickly, professionally, and often on-the-go. Keeping this in mind, lawyers and their legal teams must have the ability to remain productive from wherever they are.

Not just any apps will do for the lawyers. The requirements of conducting law efficiently are much different from those of other types of businesses; Because of this, the mobile applications used by lawyers and legal professionals must be geared towards effectively supporting the legal industry’s specific needs. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the top mobile apps for busy lawyers and how they can streamline daily legal processes.

Apps for Legal Research

  • Fastcase - Lawyers and legal professionals can access the American Legal Library on-the-go through this application.
  • dLaw - Through this app, legal professionals can access statute and rule information from anywhere.
  • WestlawNext - This app allows for fast and intuitive legal research and is a product of Thomson Reuters. This app features over 40,000 case law databases.
  • InfoTrack - This app provides a way for lawyers to see PACER searches and track the status of submitted court documents.
  • Black’s Law Dictionary - This is a thorough and easy-to-use mobile law dictionary.
  • RuleBook - Through this app, lawyers can access state and federal court rules from anywhere.

Apps for Document Sharing and Storage

  • GoodReader - This is an application for iOS that allows users to edit and view PDF documents. Users can easily sync documents from document storage apps such as Dropbox.
  • ezPDF Reader - This app allows for mobile PDF viewing, but also can easily be used for annotations. It also has the capability to play audio and video through the app.
  • Dropbox - One of the most popular methods of storing and sharing documents in the business world currently is Dropbox. Through the app, lawyers can access and share documents quickly and securely while out of the office.
  • Cam Scanner - Through this application, lawyers can quickly scan in documents through their mobile phones then notate, edit, and store as a PDF.
  • DocReviewPad - Through this app, lawyers can import, review, share, organize, and annotate documents as well as add Bates numbers.
  • AgileLaw - AgileLaw helps lawyers prepare for and give depositions in paperless form.

Apps for Note Taking

  • Evernote - This note-taking app helps to automate the note-taking process while making the organization and sharing of notes easy. Document annotation and the ability to take notes through images and videos set this app apart from many others.
  • Zoho - Through Zoho, users can utilize the features of the popular Apple Notes app on any device. Checklists, notes, and organization are made easy on-the-go through this mobile app.

Apps for Time Tracking

  • Smokeball - This time tracking software helps to automate the time tracking process while also allowing for other related tasks to be completed, such as invoicing and calendaring.
  • Capterra - With Capterra, time tracking for multiple projects can be kept simultaneously on both desktops and through their mobile app.
  • TimeCamp - Multiple users can utilize this app to track time and retain information through timesheets.
  • RescueTime - This Android time tracking app not only helps to track time, but it also helps to maximize it by giving a view on how much time is spent performing different tasks.

Apps for Productivity

  • Slack - Through this app, lawyers can quickly and securely communicate with their legal team and other members of the law firm. This is a very intuitive chat application, which also allows for multiple group conversations and easy organization and search.
  • Asana - Asana provides an app platform for project collaboration, deadline tracking, and to-do list compilation and tracking.
  • Clio - Through the mobile app made available by Clio, lawyers and legal professionals can conduct billing, calendaring, time tracking, file and document storage, and other firm management actions from anywhere.
  • Wunderlist - This is a comprehensive task management app that legal professionals can use to set and assign tasks within the law firm, while also syncing it directly with their email.
  • Quickbooks Online - Law firm accounting from anywhere is made easy through the well-known and relied upon Quickbooks Online app.
  • Trello - Through this app, lawyers and their legal teams can organize and collaborate on projects and cases quickly and easily. The option to sync between devices is a big plus.
  • PracticePanther - With the PracticePanther app, lawyers and law firms can streamline legal processes such as billing, document sharing, task management, time tracking, and more.

Apps for E-Discovery

  • eDiscovery Assistant - This application provides the ability to access court e-discovery rules, checklists, case digests, templates, and more.
  • eDiscovery Project Calculator - Lawyers and their legal teams can easily estimate and calculate the time needed on an e-discovery project through the use of this app.

Other Apps

  • LogMeIn - Through this application, users can access their desktops remotely. Users appreciate this app for its promotion of accessibility, but also because it allows them to utilize the software on their phones or tablets for which there may not be a mobile application yet.
  • SignMyPad - Through this app, lawyers can have clients digitally sign documents, which can then easily be stored and shared or sent back to the office.
  • Depose - Depositions can be taken and prepared for on-the-go through this mobile app.
  • Team Viewer - Team Viewer is a remote desktop application app that allows users to view documents, use the software, and do other things on their office desktops right on their mobile phones or tablets.
  • Lexicata - With the customer relationship management software Lexicata, busy lawyers can efficiently conduct communication with clients and organize actions pertaining to marketing campaigns, and more right on their phones.
  • Last Message - Most lawyers are familiar with a cell phone dying while in the middle of an urgent call with a client. With Last Message, the app will notify anyone on a dropped call through message or email when a call is dropped due to a cell phone dying.
  • Dashlane - This is a safe and secure app for storing passwords for multiple accounts.
  • Thumbtack - Marketing services to clients in an easy and accessible manner is extremely important. Through Thumbtack, lawyers and law firms can advertise their services directly to prospective clients on-the-go.
  • LawPay - This app streamlines the payment process for clients and allows for payment plans and online bill pay.
  • TrialDirector - This is an app that allows for case folders to be created and then exhibits to be added and managed.
  • JuryDuty - This app helps organize thoughts and notes on jurors. It includes the ability to create voir dire questions and even create seating charts to be shared with members of a trial team.