Top Legal Conferences for Lawyers

By Albatross Editorial Team

There are many independent factors that contribute to the success of lawyers and law firms; Attending legal conferences offer a few very important motivations for attending. Some of the most essential reasons for attendance consideration include:

  • Networking - Developing new and important relationships within the legal field can prove very useful in growing your law firm. Through legal conferences, you gain the opportunity of interacting and meeting other lawyers, as well as connecting with new services and vendors.
  • Continuing Education - As you’re probably know, continuing your education throughout your practice plays an essential role as a lawyer. Through legal conferences, you can gain CLE (continuing legal education) and easily meet your requirements in this area.
  • Practice Promotion - Marketing is becoming increasingly necessary within the legal realm these days. With legal conferences, you have the unique opportunity to meet potential clients and other firms in one condensed area.

While legal conferences can play an integral part in your career and in growing your law firm, there are a lot of them - this can make selecting which ones to attend difficult. You’ll often find an array of local events and conferences to attend, but there are several large conferences held throughout the year that garner national attendance. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of top legal conferences in the country for you below. The list is not organized in any specific order.

  • Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference

Members of firms of all sizes and specialties gather at this annual conference to network and receive mentoring and training in developing marketing strategies through participation in structured activities.

  • The Summit: National Solo & Small Law Firm Conference

This 2 day annual program offers a unique opportunity to network with over 200 top industry lawyers, listen to keynote speakers, attend workshops, and meet with other companies and vendors attending.

  • Autopilot’s Small Firm Bootcamp

Small firm and solo lawyers are able to learn about vital firm technology, new software,  and data security through attending this 2 day program.

  • Bedlam Conference

For those lawyers and law firms interested in upping their marketing plans and strategies, this conference offers 3 days of information, activities, networking, and speeches.

  • Maximum Lawyer Conference

Law firm owners looking to network with other owners and influencers within the industry can attend this 2 day annual conference.

  • ILTACON (International Legal Technology Association Convention)

This 4 day conference is designed to educate and provide resources in the area of legal technology. Lawyers and other legal professionals can learn what legal technology is and how it can benefit their law firms.

  • AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) Annual Conference on Immigration Law

For 4 days each year, over 3,000 lawyers attend this conference to earn CLE credits, attend sessions, and learn all about the latest strategies in immigration law.

  • AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association) Annual Meeting

The AIPLA conducts 3 conferences each year. These conferences provide seminars for lawyers to attend and receive further education regarding intellectual property law.

  • Crisp Game Changers Summit

For 2 days each year, the Crisp Game Changers Summit provides an opportunity for lawyers to learn entrepreneurial skills to help grow and develop their firms.

  • Clio Cloud Conference

Through this conference, lawyers and law firms are able to gather and network, as well as hear keynote speeches, and learn about the Clio software and how it can help law firms.

  • Legalweek

One of the largest annual conferences, Legalweek provides  opportunity for thousands of lawyers to attend bootcamps, listen to speakers, and network through events.

  • Advancing Cybersecurity Risk Management Conference

For lawyers and law firms looking to learn more about privacy practices and cybersecurity, this conference filled with speakers and workshops offers a lot of useful information.

  • ALIS (Americas Lodging Investment Summit) Law

For lawyers and law firms specializing in legal matters pertaining to hotels and the travel industry, this is a conference not to be missed. Multiple seminars, expert panels, and other networking opportunities are available.

  • American Society of International Law Annual Meeting

This is a large conference that takes place over the course of 4 days. Leading jurists, practitioners, and other academicians specializing in international law from all over the world are in attendance.

  • Community Association Law Seminar

This conference focuses on the practice of community association law. Networking opportunities and discussion of trends and other issues in law are focused on.

  • National Trial Lawyers Summit

Civil and criminal defense lawyers have an opportunity to learn new trial skills, gain business management tools, and network at this unique and large annual conference.

  • National Conference on Law and Higher Education

This conference focuses on providing academic law dialogue on education law and policy. Lawyers have the opportunity to listen to leaders in educational law and network with peers.

  • The Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption

This conference is becoming increasingly popular and offers 16 TED-style talks about legal innovations and issues over the course of 5 cities. 

  • NACDLs (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers) Advanced Criminal Law Seminar

This annual conference offers the opportunity to earn 12 CLE credits and 1 ethics credit. Hear about the latest topics and trends in defense law spoken on by top experts.

  • International Bar Association Annual Conference

This conference can be held all over the world, but will be held in Miami, FL for 2020. Information on laws and practices are offered through leading experts. This is also a large opportunity to network with peers as it’s the largest association of legal professionals.

  • Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

With over 90 speakers and other participants, this conference is the worlds largest public interest environmental law conference. Over 3,000 lawyers, citizens, scientists, and other participants attend this conference each year to attend panels, presentations, and workshops.

  • ABA (American BAr Association) Techshow 2020

Lawyers and other legal professionals gather at this 3 day conferencing event each year to learn about new practice techniques and technologies that can benefit lawyers and law firms.

  • International Conference on Internet, Law and Politics

Internet, politics, and law collide at this annual conference held for lawyers, scientists, and researchers each year. Trends, concerns, challenges, and other innovations are discussed by experts in their fields.

  • International Conference on Contracts

This 2 day conference focuses on contract and commercial law. Networking opportunities and learning through top experts are provided through this conference.

  • Entertainment and Media Law Conference

Through this yearly conference, lawyers and law firms specializing in entertainment and media law have the opportunity to network, learn about new and controversial topics, and listen to speeches given by experts.

  • Family Law Symposium

Discussion of family law issues and other innovations are addressed through presentations at this annual law conference.

  • FDLI (Food and Drug Law Institute) Annual Conference

This 2 day conference is held annually to provide information on compliance, legal, and regulatory issues and data for FDA-regulated industries.

  • Class Action Law Forum

A wide array of topics and practices related to class action law are discussed at this forum. This forum provides an opportunity to hear from and network with lawyers, defense counsel, paralegals, and other vendors and providers in the industry.

  • Crime Victim Law Conference

This large national conference addresses rights enforcement for criminal cases. New and practical skills are taught to conference participants.

  • Annual Employment Law and Leadership Conference

Networking and learning opportunities in the area of labor and employment law are provided through this large annual conference.

  • Real Estate Law and Business Forum

This one day conference is for business and legal professionals in the real estate industry. Trends, challenges, and strategies are discussed by industry experts.

  • Special Education Law Conference

This yearly conference is for lawyers and other professionals in the special education area. A variety of topics, problems, challenges, and resolutions are discussed by industry experts.

  • National Association of Legal Placement Conference

This conference brings lawyers and law school and legal employers together to attend meetings, get career counseling and offer recruitment opportunities. This can be an important annual networking opportunity for lawyers and law professionals.

  • Annual Oil & Gas Law Conference

Leaders in oil and gas law provide learning, social, and networking opportunities through this annual conference.

  • 2020 Public Health Law Conference

Legal and policy experts come together for this 4 day annual conference to discuss vital problems and information pertaining to public health. 

  • Women in the Law

This 1 day conference and seminar brings together women from law firms all over the country to learn and network.