Top 20 Lawyer Directories and Listing Sites for 2020

By Albatross Editorial Team

Legal directories and listing sites are one of the most effective methods of marketing you can enlist for your law firm. In fact, a recent FindLaw survey noted that 41% of people seeking legal services utilize legal directories right off the bat. 

Through legal directories, potential clientele have the capability of targeting their search for legal services through websites dedicated to listing and categorizing lawyers and law firms within the industry; This practice makes it easy for clients to locate the law firms that potentially fit their needs and for those law firms seeking new clientele to be found.

Legal directories also allow law firms to boost their search result standings effectively. When law firms build out their profiles on the right directories, it can essentially rank them high in search results, with the potential to pull up several times through a single search pulling results from listing sites. 

With literally hundreds of lawyer directories in existence, choosing the right ones with which your firm should concentrate their efforts can be overwhelming. Through the proper listings, your law firm can see a significant boost in web traffic and lead accrual. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 lawyer directories and listing sites for 2020 below:

Top Free Legal Directories

  1. Justia - Through the use of information from the Bar association, Justia creates listings for all lawyers practicing within the U.S. This is free; However, lawyers do have the ability to pay to claim their listing and further develop it.
  1. Avvo - Avvo lists and rates attorneys within the industry. While listings and ratings by the site are free and initiated by Avvo, lawyers do have the capability of paying to claim their listing and setting up their profile; This will also allow for attorneys to rate and review other attorneys, as well as seeking their own peer reviews.
  1. LawGuru - Lawyers in the U.S. can list for free within this directory and even earn money through answering paid legal questions submitted to the site. 
  2. Law Link - Law Link offers free listings for lawyers and law firms, as well as the opportunity for lawyers to connect and build relationships with their peers within the industry.
  3. Best Lawyers - This free directory lists, ranks, and reviews attorneys through peer reviews and recommendations.
  4. Lead Counsel - Attorneys can submit themselves to be listed for free on Lead Counsel’s listing site after meeting the site’s requirements within the following three categories: spotless record, peer recommendations, professional experience. 
  5. PublicLegal - This no-frills legal directory site has been pulling together and categorizing information on lawyers and law firms for the past 24 years. They pride themselves on not being financially motivated but instead socially motivated in their rankings and listings.
  6. ClassAction.Org - For lawyers and law firms who focus on handling corporate class action lawsuits, this website can be relevant to the efforts of being seen. Listings are compiled via active lawsuits with the intention of making it easy for consumers to join those that apply to them.

Top Paid Legal Directories

  1. Super Lawyers - Super Lawyers offers the opportunity for lawyers and firms to list themselves within their directories, but also establish themselves as experts by answering legal questions asked by users.
  2. NOLO - NOLO markets themselves to attorneys as a tool to build leads and also expand their exposure and reach through their professional profiles. There are two different types of listing options available: premium advertising and online profile. Both listing options are focused on establishing a presence online and within the legal community, with the premium advertising option offering a little more in the way of advertising and lead generation.
  3. Martindale - Martindale is one of the oldest sources for attorneys seeking to establish themselves and grow their practice; They’ve been around for 150 years. The site is well-organized, thoroughly rates lawyers and firms for consumers, offers professional networking capabilities, and can assist with lead generation.
  4. Lawyers.Com - This site has quickly become one of the most well-known and used directory and listing services within the legal world. The site has a modern design and is easy-to-use, making it a prime spot for consumers to seek legal assistance. You can also participate in answering submitted legal questions on the site. 
  5. Jurist - For a flat lifetime rate of just $100, your law firm can purchase a listing through this well-established legal news and research website.
  6. FindLaw - FindLaw touts themselves as a well-rounded one-stop-shop place for all consumer legal needs. The site is easy to use, informative, and offers useful tools for consumers to locate the right lawyers to meet their legal obligations; All of this makes FindLaw a perfect place for your law firm to focus their listing efforts.
  7. Mediate.Com - For $36 per month, lawyers can pay to place their profiles within their directory, but also enjoy being featured within eight other directories at no extra cost. 
  8. Lawinfo - LawInfo is a legal directory and legal resource site that offers premium legal listings to attorneys for a monthly cost of $40 per month. The site draws a lot of traffic with its thorough and helpful legal resource library, making it an excellent spot to list your law firm.
  9. Just Great Lawyers - This legal directory is excellent for connecting lawyers with those seeking local legal services. They offer a free listing option, but the capability of boosting your listing and being able to publish three articles through the site for $19.99 per month.
  10. Legal500.Com - Legal 500 has been around for the past 33 years. The site ranks lawyers through client feedback, research, and interviews. The website is thorough and very rankings-based. 
  11. HG.Org - This legal resource site offers worldwide lawyer profiles and listings. Lawyers can place their listing on the website for a rate of $195 per year.
  12. Enjuris - For those lawyers and firms specializing in personal and workers injury, this site offers paid listings through their Enjuris Partners program. Uniquely, they only accept a certain amount of legal listings per area in an attempt to help lawyers protect their market share within their territory.