Legal WorkSpaces

Everything your Law Firm needs to Thrive Technologically

Albatross Legal WorkSpaces is a turn-key office for you Law Firm enabling easy access to all your apps via remote desktops and covers all your technological needs.  It includes remote desktops and all the software you need to work remotely with all the support you need.


  • Save money on technology management
  • Peace of mind
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Better Security

Good For

Law Firms


  • Cloud Desktops
    Allowing anywhere access to all your applications
  • 24/7 Help Desk
    Comprehensive Technology support for you office and users
  • Software Support
    Robust software support
  • Anti-Malware Controls
    Designed to be hacker and malware-resistant
  • Printer Management
    Printer functionality fully supported
  • Vendor Management
    We manage your vendors on your behalf
  • Employee Management
    On-boarding and off-boarding employees becomes easier
  • System Monitoring
    Fully monitored systems means we avoid problem before they happen
  • Auditing
    Allowing you to know who and when things happened on your system and your data

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