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Tech & IT Support for Law Firms

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Hey there, are you tired of dealing with tech issues that make you want to pull your hair out? Well, say hello to IT support - the superheroes of the tech world! With IT support, you'll never have to worry about increased productivity, enhanced security, reduced downtime, improved communication, enhanced client service, cost savings, flexibility and scalability, expertise, compliance, or future-proofing again. And that's just the tip of the iceberg - IT support can also help with data management, disaster recovery, customized solutions, access to resources, ongoing training, project management, integration, vendor management, network infrastructure, and industry knowledge. Plus, IT support can improve data backup and recovery, enhance collaboration, improve mobility, streamline processes, increase efficiency, improve decision making, enhance client communication, increase client satisfaction, customize reporting, and improve data security. So don't be a tech disaster - enlist the help of IT support and let them handle the heavy lifting!

Why IT Support for Your Firm?

  1. Increased productivity: With IT support, law firms can ensure that their technology is running smoothly, which can increase the efficiency and productivity of their staff.
  2. Enhanced security: Protect your law firm's sensitive client data by implementing strong cybersecurity measures and regularly updating software and systems.
  3. Reduced downtime: By proactively maintaining and repairing technology, we can help law firms avoid costly downtime caused by technological issues.
  4. Improved communication: We can help your law firm implement effective communication tools, such as video conferencing and collaboration software, which can improve communication and collaboration among staff.
  5. Enhanced client service: With reliable technology, your law firms can provide better service to their clients, including faster response times and access to information.
  6. Cost savings: IT support can help law firms save money by identifying and fixing technology issues before they become major problems, as well as by negotiating better rates for technology purchases and services.
  7. Flexibility and scalability: With IT support, law firms can easily scale their technology to meet the changing needs of their business, including adding or removing users as needed.
  8. Expertise: Out IT support professionals have the technical expertise and experience to handle a wide range of technology issues, ensuring that law firms have access to the support they need when they need it.
  9. Improved data management: IT support can help law firms implement effective data management systems to better organize and access their data.
  10. Disaster recovery: IT support can help law firms develop and implement a disaster recovery plan to protect their data and systems in case of a disaster.
  11. Customized solutions: IT support can work with law firms to tailor technology solutions to their specific needs and requirements.
  12. Access to resources: IT support can provide law firms with access to a wide range of resources, such as software and hardware, to support their technology needs.
  13. Ongoing training: IT support can provide ongoing training to law firm staff to ensure that they are able to effectively use and maintain technology.
  14. Project management: IT support can help law firms manage technology projects, such as implementing new systems or upgrading existing ones.
  15. Integration: IT support can help law firms integrate their technology systems with other business systems, such as accounting and CRM software.
  16. Vendor management: IT support can help law firms negotiate and manage relationships with technology vendors to ensure that they are getting the best value for their investment.
  17. Network infrastructure: IT support can help law firms design and maintain a robust network infrastructure to support their technology needs.
  18. Industry knowledge: IT support professionals have in-depth knowledge of the specific technology needs and challenges faced by law firms, which can be invaluable in helping them effectively manage their technology.
  19. Compliance: IT support can help law firms ensure that they are complying with relevant laws and regulations related to data security and privacy.
  20. Future-proofing: IT support can help law firms stay up to date with the latest technology trends and ensure that their technology is able to adapt to future changes and needs.
  21. Improved data backup and recovery: Our IT support can help law firms develop and implement effective data backup and recovery strategies to protect their data in case of a disaster or other event.
  22. Enhanced collaboration: Our IT support can help law firms implement technology solutions that facilitate collaboration among staff, such as cloud-based file sharing and collaboration tools.
  23. Improved mobility: Our IT support can help law firms implement technology solutions that enable staff to work remotely or on the go, such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and cloud-based tools.
  24. Streamlined processes: Our IT support can help law firms streamline their processes by implementing automation and workflow tools, such as document management systems.
  25. Increased efficiency: Our IT support can help law firms identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their technology usage, which can help them save time and resources.
  26. Better decision making: Our IT support can help law firms access and analyze data to inform business decisions, such as using data analytics tools or implementing a business intelligence system.
  27. Enhanced client communication: Our IT support can help law firms implement technology solutions that facilitate communication with clients, such as client portals or live chat features.
  28. Increased client satisfaction: With reliable technology and effective communication tools, law firms can provide better service to their clients, which can lead to increased client satisfaction.
  29. Customized reporting: Our IT support can help law firms develop customized reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make informed decisions.
  30. Improved data security: Our IT support can help law firms implement advanced data security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and encryption, to protect their client data from threats.

Our Service

  1. 24/7 technical support: We are vailable around the clock to help law firms with any technical issues that may arise.
  2. Proactive maintenance: We perform maintenance tasks to ensure that technology is running smoothly and to prevent issues from occurring.
  3. Cybersecurity protection: We implement strong cybersecurity measures to protect law firms' sensitive client data from threats such as viruses and hackers.
  4. Cloud services: We support should offer cloud-based services, such as data backup and recovery, to help law firms increase the reliability and accessibility of their data.
  5. Software updates: We support ensure that all software is regularly updated to the latest version to fix any vulnerabilities and improve performance.

What is Included?

24 / 7 Help Desk

Let's face it, downtime, hiccups and technical challenges are unavoidable in every business and they can be frustrating and downright costly.

Our Solution

  • Any time 24/7 access to live person that can help
  • Proficient help desk staff means quick resolution
  • We are very friendly
  • Dedicated consultants that understand your environment

Software Support

Software Challenges

  • Every small business relies on a handful of software to operate smoothly  (Outlook, Office 365, G-Suite, MS Office, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Cloud Software, QuickBooks)
  • Software needs updates, can be buggy and just simply doesn’t always work
  • Employees may need a hand in getting something done (exporting printing as PDF, shrinking an image, etc.)

Our Solution

  • We manage your software 
  • Your users can open tickets and we can help them live 
  • Software updates are all done by us

Desktop Management

The Challenge with Laptops

  • Computers Break
  • Laptops get lost or stolen
  • Need to be replaced periodically and requires budgeting and installations costs

Our Solution

  • Desktops are Automatic and cloud based
  • No desktop or stolen laptop issues
  • Hardware is seamlessly upgraded
  • Performance is guaranteed

Anti-Malware Controls

Malware is a Real Problem

  • Small Business are infected by viruses and malware at unprecedented levels
  • Malware can cost you money to fix if you are lucky to recover your data
  • Data leaks and breaches can put you out of business

Our Solution

  • Our seucirty packages are standard and include anti-malware
  • Employee controls are in place to prevent installation or download of malicious software
  • We are fast at identifying and responding to incidents to minimize any damage
  • Backups are automatic with every plan so you will never lose your data.


The Challenge with Printers

  • Printers run out of ink
  • Printers suddenly stop printing
  • Printers fall offline

Our Solution

  • Our staff is on standby to support your printers 24/7
  • We identify root causes to printer issues to avoid recurring problems.

Vendor Management

Vendor Challenges

  • Too many tech vendors to manage (ISPs, Software vendors, hardware, apps)
  • Creating tickets is time consuming and frustrating process
  • Many issues are left unresolved with vendors because of poor support

Our Solution

  • We provide 24/7 support on your vendors
  • We open tickets for you and follow up till resolution
  • Our existing relationships with vendors allows us to efficiently navigate the vendor support process

Employee Management

Employee Management Challenges

  • Employee on-boarding is time consuming (emails, desktops, software) all need to be setup for new employees
  • Employees may encounter issues with access, logins, password. Their downtime can be costly
  • Departing employees require data to be transferred, laptops returned, accounts locked, etc, passwords changed

Our Solution

  • Our cloud option provide quick user setup for new employees meaning quick employee on boarding
  • We lock down the employees that leave and document the changes made

System Monitoring

The Need for Monitoring

  • Monitoring is an essential component of any technology-dependent small business
  • Small businesses don’t usually invest in monitoring although it is a key component in preventing issues from happening (such as disk space, updates, high CPU pegs, and other connectivity issues)

Our Solution

  • Monitoring is built into our service, therefore you don’t have to plan, invest or worry about setting things up
  • Monitoring means smoother business operations, we reach out to you before a problem occurs


The Audit Challenge

  • As a small business owner, it is important to be able to prove accountability for compliance or employee reviews
  • Today’s small business don’t have any insight into who is doing what on the system and lack of visibility can mean higher risk

Our Solution

  • Our system is equipped to log every user’s account access from email access to desktop log-ons
  • We can provide you with reports that you need 

Support Plans

SOLO Attorney

  • Full Features
  • Day Support
  • 3 Hour Response Time
  • Email + Apps
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per year

Small Law Firms

  • Full Features
  • 24/7 Support
  • 2 Hour Response Time
  • Cloud Desktops
  • Email + Apps
starting at
per user/month

Enterprise Firms

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