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Server Hosting FAQ




What are the CPU Specs?

The CPU is a Xeon Enterprise Grade 12-thread 2.3 GHz or better. We always put you on the latest and best performing servers.


How many cores does my server come with?

Your server will come with 1/2/4 core standard based on your plan. If you need to upgrade to more cores you can get a custom quote.


What are the DISK specs?

You drives come with SSD storage which is very performant flash storage.


Is storage redundant?

Yes all storage you receive from us is RAIDed. If a disk fails an array of disks to work. If an array fails your server redundancy (if chosen) can take over. If you have a disaster, then backups can be retrieved (if you opted for backups).


What bandwidth does my server come with?

You get 5 Mbps of shared bandwidth. If you have special bandwidth requirements for any reason, we can get you a custom quote.





Can I setup any OS on the server?

Yes, for the most part. Just tell us what operating system you need and we will install it.


Can I configure the server on my own settings?

Yes, we can give you a vanilla install and you can install your own configurations or you can ask us to help you configure it.


Can I install my own licenses?

It depends. If you need Microsoft software, we have to license it for you. If you have other software, check with your vendor and make sure you can license it on the server.


Can I install database servers on the servers?

Yes you can install any server you need.




How long will it take to setup my server?

Usually up to 24 hours.


Will you give me full control access to the server?



Can I get as many servers as I need?

Yes. We can setup as many servers as you need


Is there a firewall behind my server?

If you need a firewall, let us know. We highly suggest putting your server behind a firewall.





Does my plan come with backups?

Not all plans come with backup. Check with us before you hand and make sure you get backups.


What is backed up?

Your entire machines are backed up. This includes the server, drives attached to the server, content on the drives.


How often are the backups?

Your backups take place every 6 hours.


What is the retention period of the backups?

The backups are stored for 14 days.


If I lose a file on the system can I retrieve that file from backup?

Yes you can. Let us know what file you need and we can restore it for you.


If I need to restore a database from backup can I do that?

Yes you can. Let us know what the database file is and we can restore it.


If I restore data do I lose anything at all?

The data restored is restored from the last backup. If last backup took place at 12 noon, and you made changes between 12 and 2 PM, then you ask for a restore at 3, the data will be restored from 12 and work done between 12 and 3 may not be recovered.


Should I setup SQL Backup jobs if I am using your backup?

Yes, it is a good idea to still backup your databases on your own or a have an ongoing job. We can help you set those up and monitor them.


Is it possible to have a custom backup job with my own intervals?

Yes. Contact us about extending the retention of the backups or the backup periods.



Other Questions


If you have more other questions please let us know.

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