Recommended Business, Marketing and Sales Books for Lawyers

By Albatross Editorial Team

Reading comes with the territory in the field of law. Lawyers are expected to have a broad and working knowledge of the law and the U.S. justice system, both historically and within its present ever-changing course. Through reading the right books, lawyers are given the right tools needed to navigate the legal system and ensure theirs and their law firm’s success.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular, helpful, and best-selling books for lawyers - recommended by industry experts for lawyers within any specialty.

Books on Marketing and Sales for Law Firms

  • A Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing: How to Create a Profitable Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

Noah Carmichael, 2018

This book gives unique introspective into marketing as it pertains to law firms. Learn tips, tricks, and helpful strategies to effectively and cost effectively plan your law firm’s marketing strategy.

  • The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, and Stand Out From the Crowd

Allan Dib, 2016

Lawyers and law firms gravitate to this book for its ability to uncomplicate marketing plans. With this unique method of marketing strategy, lawyers are able to draft a simple, yet effective, plan to enhance law firm growth.

  • The Legal Marketing Fastlane: Your Roadmap to Generating Real Leads in 72 Hours or Less, Even If You’re Small

Jan Roos, 2017

Generating and converting client leads is an integral part to effectively growing a successful law firm. This book takes a direct approach to lead generation and offers helpful tools for lawyers to use.

  • The Lawyer Marketing Book

Matt Starosciak, 2017

Through 60 plus real-world stories, author and industry expert Matt Starosciak, depicts marketing problems and offers better solutions targeted directly towards helping law firms.

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Books on Client Relationships and Networking for Lawyers

  • That’s Why They Call It Practicing Law

David Kempston, 2017

Author David Kempston offers a unique way to view attorney-client relationships by comparing techniques to basic customer service. Most lawyers can relate to the problems identified in this book and can draw practical advice and solutions out of its pages.

  • Get Clients Now!

C.J.Hayden, 2013

In law, just as in most businesses, obtaining new clients often places business owners in competitive, and not always fruitful, spaces. This book seeks to help business owners and individuals tweak and improve their marketing strategies to obtain more clients quicker.

  • Client Development for Solo & Small Firm Lawyers

Robert Lesser, 2016

Through this book, lawyers are given the tools to help grow their client base successfully. Not only do the tips and tricks within this book help in landing new clients, it offers useful insight need guidance needed to retain clients on a long-term basis.

  • 500 Social Media Marketing Tips

Andrew Macarthy, 2014

In today’s business and legal world, effectively using social media to grow and maintain client relationships is a must. Throughout this book, law firms and small businesses alike can learn important social media marketing tips and tricks. 

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Books on Building and Growing Small Law Firms

  • The Small Firm Roadmap: A Survival Guide to the Future of Your Law Practice

Aaron Street, Sam Glover, Stephanie Everett, Marshall Lichty, 2019

In this book, wisdom and knowledge are imparted by an experienced team of writers from The Lawyerist. Lawyers can learn new and impactful strategies for growing and managing new and small law firms from this detailed and resourceful walkthrough. 

  • Be the CEO of Your Law Firm

Alexandra Lozano, 2018

A lot goes into running a successful law firm; Unfortunately, tasks can quickly become overwhelming and impede growth. The author of this books seeks to organize and restructure day-to-day tasks to promote streamlining, organization, and success.

  • Small LawFirm KPIs How to Measure Your Way to Greater Profits

Mary Juetten, 2016

While this book discusses a lot on networking and attorney-client relationships, it specifically addresses financial matters and how to improve profits and bottom lines within your small law firm.

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Non-Fiction Written on Real-Life Cases and Events

  • In Cold Blood

Truman Capote, 1965

In Cold Blood is one of Truman Capote’s most well-known writings. In the book, a true story unfolds about two drifters who kill a family of four in a small Kansas town. As the story continues, readers follow a manhunt and ensuing trial filled with details and giving a glaring look into trials of this nature.

  • And the Dead Shall Rise

Steve Oney, 2003

Vigilante justice is the term that perhaps best describes this book that follows the murder of a 13-year-old girl named Mary Phagan and the subsequent lynching of a Jewish man named Leo Frank.

  • 1861: The Civil War Awakening

Adam Goodheart, 2011

While this book reads like a thriller, it is a detailed and fascinating description of how the Civil War began and covers a lot of constitutional law.

  • The Federalist Papers (Publius)

Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, 1787 - 1788

As a collection of 85 short essays published to promote the ratification of the (then newly proposed) U.S. Constitution. This collection is a must-read for any lawyer.

  • The Bramble Bush

Karl N. Llewellyn, 1930

The Bramble Bush is an essential collection of lectures delivered in 1929 at Columbia Law School. While this book is essential reading for any law student to help in understanding the world of law and justice, it also helps to inform and reinvigorate any practicing lawyer.