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One of the most renowned Content co-authoring platforms hosting the most respected encyclopedia in the World. Author content like an expert with powerful content publishing features.

Use Cases of MediaWiki

Your company can use Media wiki to help collaboration between employees. Store knowledge-base articles, marketing data, and any other content your employees may want to contribute to.
Teachers, students or staff can use MediaWiki to co-author course material, publish school related articles, or even publish school policies and procedures.
Content Authors
As an author, you can choose to use MediaWiki to share content with the internet or open your content for co-authoring by anyone on the internet as is the case with Wikipedia.


Save on Hardware
Save on hardware costs by deploying your MediaWiki to top-notch hardware in the best data centers.
Continuous Backups
Lost content, accidental deletions, server compromises are a thing of the past with continuous backups
No Hardware to Manage
Hardware upgrades, and server support is history with Albatross MediaWiki hosting.
Access From Anywhere
Access literally from any device on the Internet at home, coffee shop, airport or at the beach.
Fast Provisioning
No more ordering hardware. Provision a server on the fly from templates.
Exceptional Support
Any issues, no problem. We support you to resolve any issues you may have.
Encrypted and secured connections to ensure proper company policy compliance.
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What our Customers are Saying

Not every hosting company is created equal, I know this because I've been in the industry. I recommend Portal Front to any business looking for a stable, dependable service.
Albatross has had excellent performance and up-time!”
Albatross supported our solutions for two years and we couldn't be happier.”