Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure provides a global and scalable cloud infrastructure for all types of different cloud workloads. Although Azure can provide an abundant platform of on demand services, management and upkeep of the services is needed for ongoing business continuity. Our team can help you architect, design and manage all your needs in the Azure Cloud.

Albatross Azure Managed Services

Managed Azure 24/7

We managed your environment 24/7 for optimal business continuity.


Our certified technical gurus help you pin and resolve issues from the network to the application.

Managed Configuration

Let us know what your business needs and we configure your Azure environment to match your business, technical and compliance requirements.

Research Services

Let our team research best solutions and provide recommendations for cost effective Azure cloud solutions.


Our technical gurus can optimize your Azure cloud services for best performance and security.

Development Services

We managed your environment 24/7 for optimal business continuity.

Microsoft Azure Features

Azure Benefits

Always On
Self Healing
Elastic Resources
Enterprise Ready
Open Protocol - Features open to REST APIs

Data Services

SQL Data Bases
SQL Reporting
SQL Data Sync


Virtual Machines
Media Services
Mobile Services