Managed Hosted Desktops

Take Charge of Your Organization's Desktops, Users and Data

How it Works?

Whether you are an enterprise or single user, you can sign up for a hosted desktop environment. In order to access your hosted desktop, you would have to launch a client on your client machine that will prompt for a user name and password. If using Windows, this can be Remote Desktop. Upon successful authorization your desktop will load in the remote desktop window and you will be able to use the hosted desktop just like you would any desktop environment

Hosted Desktop Benefits

Why many companies are choosing cloud desktops
Central Desktop Deployment
Put an end to cumbersome hardware management and deploy desktops in minutes.
No More Lost Laptops
No more physical desktops lost or stolen with sensitive company information.
No More Lost Files
Cloud desktops are backed up 24/7 so accidental lost or deleted files by end users are a mere click away.


Save on Hardware
Save on hardware costs by deploying your employees' desktops to top-notch hardware in the best data centers.
Continuous Backups
Lost files, accidental deletions, desktop compromises are a thing of the past with continuous backups
No Hardware to Manage
Hardware upgrades, and remote desktop support is history with Albatrossdesktop hosting.
Access From Anywhere
Access literally from any device on the Internet at home, coffee shop, airport or at the beach.
Fast Provisioning
No more ordering hardware. Provision a server on the fly from templates.
Anti Virus Security
Mal-ware and virus risks are mitigated with central anti-virus managementand updates.
Any issues, no problem. We support you and your users inside the desktop environment.
Encrypted and secured connections to ensure proper company policy compliance.

Complete Guide to VDI and DaaS

Learn about VDI, it's pros and cons, how it works and if Desktop as Service and Hosted Desktops are right solution for your business.
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Fully Compliant Solutions

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What our Customers are Saying

Not every hosting company is created equal, I know this because I've been in the industry. I recommend Portal Front to any business looking for a stable, dependable service.
Albatross has had excellent performance and up-time!”
Albatross supported our solutions for two years and we couldn't be happier.”