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Your Law Firm's Cloud-Based Office. Access Emails, Documents, Software & more, anywhere, anytime. No more onsite servers or technical hassle. Includes 24/7 Help Desk & IT Support for all your users and devices.
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What Your Law Firm Gets

You can choose one or all

Email & Office
Office 365, Word, Excel, Outlook
Document Storage
Robust Case File Management with central access and powerful search
Cloud Desktops
Central Application Access with top security & Backup
IT Help Desk
Fast and friendly tech support supporting anything in your law firm

Trusted by Law Firms Nationwide

1. Cloud Document Management

Powerful & Fast Search
Version History
Windows / Mac Compatible
Shared with Your Team
Backed Up

How it Works?

What We Support

Office 365
Cloud Services
Phone Systems


IT Services Features

Expertise and Experience

In-depth tech knowledge and industry experience.


Save on recruitment, salary, and infrastructure costs.

Access to Latest Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art tools and software.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock technical assistance and troubleshooting.


Robust security measures for data and systems.


Services that grow with your business needs.

Disaster Recovery

Backup solutions ensuring business continuity.


Ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.

Office 365 Management

Smooth deployment, configuration, and management of Office 365 tools boost productivity, enhance communication, and foster collaboration across teams.

Email Setup and Management

Reliable, secured, and efficient email servers ensure seamless communication within your organization, bolstering operations and customer relations.

Endpoint Management

Comprehensive security for all end-user devices within your network, reducing the risk of security breaches and safeguarding business data.

Cloud Services

Seamless migration, robust management, and prompt support for cloud platforms enhance business flexibility, scalability, and disaster recovery processes.

Managed IT Infrastructure

Proactive maintenance of IT systems ensures optimal performance, minimizes downtime, and bolsters overall productivity.

Network Design and Configuration

Custom, secure, and efficient networks tailored to specific business needs enhance data flow and operational efficiency.


Efficient use of system resources, improved scalability, and enhanced disaster recovery are achieved through well-managed virtual machines.

IT Consultation

Strategic advice on leveraging IT for business growth aligns technology with business objectives, fostering operational efficiency and innovation.

VoIP Services:

Cost-effective and feature-rich Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems augment business communication capabilities.

Software Development

Custom software applications tailored to specific business needs enhance productivity, automate processes, and improve customer service.

Hardware Procurement

Access to necessary, high-quality IT hardware optimizes operations while minimizing costs.

Data Management

Secure, compliant storage, backup, and management of business data ensure information availability, integrity, and security.

Remote Work Solutions

Secure and efficient remote work capabilities accommodate modern work trends, enhancing team flexibility and productivity.

Training and Support

Hands-on IT training and continuous support for staff streamline operations and minimize disruption due to technical issues.

IT Asset Management

Effective tracking and management of all IT assets lead to optimal utilization, regular updates, and longer asset lifespans.

Mobile Device Management

Secure handling of business-related mobile devices protects company data, accommodating the convenience of BYOD culture without compromising security.

IT Auditing

Regular assessment of the IT infrastructure helps identify potential issues, optimize IT setup, and minimize risks, enhancing overall system reliability and security.


Reliable and regular data backup solutions safeguard business data, ensuring quick restoration in case of data loss or system failure for continued business operations.

Server Management

Efficient operation and maintenance of physical and virtual servers enhance system performance, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted business activities.

System Integration

Seamless integration of various IT systems and applications streamlines data flow, improves communication, and enhances decision-making across the organization.

Unmatched IT Services

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10
Windows 11
Windows Server

Deeper Dive

24 / 7 Help Desk

Let's face it, downtime, hiccups and technical challenges are unavoidable in every business and they can be frustrating and downright costly.

Our Solution

  • Any time 24/7 access to live person that can help
  • Proficient help desk staff means quick resolution
  • We are very friendly
  • Dedicated consultants that understand your environment

Software Support

Software Challenges

  • Every small business relies on a handful of software to operate smoothly  (Outlook, Office 365, G-Suite, MS Office, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Cloud Software, QuickBooks)
  • Software needs updates, can be buggy and just simply doesn’t always work
  • Employees may need a hand in getting something done (exporting printing as PDF, shrinking an image, etc.)

Our Solution

  • We manage your software 
  • Your users can open tickets and we can help them live 
  • Software updates are all done by us

Desktop Management

The Challenge with Laptops

  • Computers Break
  • Laptops get lost or stolen
  • Need to be replaced periodically and requires budgeting and installations costs

Our Solution

  • Desktops are Automatic and cloud based
  • No desktop or stolen laptop issues
  • Hardware is seamlessly upgraded
  • Performance is guaranteed

Anti-Malware Controls

Malware is a Real Problem

  • Small Business are infected by viruses and malware at unprecedented levels
  • Malware can cost you money to fix if you are lucky to recover your data
  • Data leaks and breaches can put you out of business

Our Solution

  • Our seucirty packages are standard and include anti-malware
  • Employee controls are in place to prevent installation or download of malicious software
  • We are fast at identifying and responding to incidents to minimize any damage
  • Backups are automatic with every plan so you will never lose your data.


The Challenge with Printers

  • Printers run out of ink
  • Printers suddenly stop printing
  • Printers fall offline

Our Solution

  • Our staff is on standby to support your printers 24/7
  • We identify root causes to printer issues to avoid recurring problems.

Vendor Management

Vendor Challenges

  • Too many tech vendors to manage (ISPs, Software vendors, hardware, apps)
  • Creating tickets is time consuming and frustrating process
  • Many issues are left unresolved with vendors because of poor support

Our Solution

  • We provide 24/7 support on your vendors
  • We open tickets for you and follow up till resolution
  • Our existing relationships with vendors allows us to efficiently navigate the vendor support process

Employee Management

Employee Management Challenges

  • Employee on-boarding is time consuming (emails, desktops, software) all need to be setup for new employees
  • Employees may encounter issues with access, logins, password. Their downtime can be costly
  • Departing employees require data to be transferred, laptops returned, accounts locked, etc, passwords changed

Our Solution

  • Our cloud option provide quick user setup for new employees meaning quick employee on boarding
  • We lock down the employees that leave and document the changes made

System Monitoring

The Need for Monitoring

  • Monitoring is an essential component of any technology-dependent small business
  • Small businesses don’t usually invest in monitoring although it is a key component in preventing issues from happening (such as disk space, updates, high CPU pegs, and other connectivity issues)

Our Solution

  • Monitoring is built into our service, therefore you don’t have to plan, invest or worry about setting things up
  • Monitoring means smoother business operations, we reach out to you before a problem occurs


The Audit Challenge

  • As a small business owner, it is important to be able to prove accountability for compliance or employee reviews
  • Today’s small business don’t have any insight into who is doing what on the system and lack of visibility can mean higher risk

Our Solution

  • Our system is equipped to log every user’s account access from email access to desktop log-ons
  • We can provide you with reports that you need 

Our Code


At our company, we treasure the truth. Upholding honesty not only makes us reliable but also forms the backbone of our prosperous client relationships.


We believe in crystal clear communications. Our IT solutions come with a transparent process, keeping you informed and engaged every step of the way.


Our team pledges to deliver honest effort, embracing challenges, and going the extra mile to surpass expectations and achieve exceptional results.

Accountability in Action

We stand by our work, owning our decisions, and learning from outcomes. Our commitment to accountability ensures we continually improve our services, systems, and ourselves.

Client-Centric Commitment

We put our clients first. By listening, understanding, and responding to their needs, we build long-lasting partnerships based on trust, results, and shared success.

What our customers say

If you're looking for a hosted desktop, you won't beat the reliability, affordability and top tier services offered by TekReach on the Albatross platform. After going out on my own, they set up encrypted storage and MS Office, personalized my experience and became my own IT department. Turnkey. Always on. Awesome. Call them!

Rob Kosin
Principal Attorney

Our 10-person firm switched over to Albatross Workspaces in January 2020.  The transition was a smooth one and we have found their hosted desktop to be user-friendly and reliable. Additionally, the TekReach Support Team has been extremely helpful to us with any issues that have arisen and have assisted us in installing new software to our network desktop. We are very satisfied with their service and support.

Dana Jennings
Owner, Jennings Law Firm

TekReach has been a great partner to our business.  They have been hosting our systems for a few years and we have been extremely satisfied with their services.  First, their folks are great to work with.  They have always been available to help us work through any design questions or issues.  System uptime is excellent and in the rare situations when there was an issue, they immediately had it fixed.  You can't ask for more from a partner.

Technical, City

I have been with TekReach now for 3 years.  Their service and expertise has been top notch, and as someone who has been a developer for over 26 years, I am definitely qualified to provide this opinion.   One of my business ventures runs a classic ASP application on top of a SQL Server database and I can't remember the last time there was any downtime.  I am very happy to recommend this company to others looking for shared server and cloud based solutions.  Note:  Hosting here isn't as cheap as other places like Godaddy, but the scalability is there and and my web apps don't come to a grinding halt in the middle of the day due to oversharing resources like Godaddy has done many times in the past.  You get what you pay for, and in this case the value is there.

Brad Churchill
Owner, Choklat

Insurance and Capital Management has used Tek Reach since we opened.  The cloud costs are very competitive and they are very responsive with any issues or help needed both with the cloud and outside of the cloud (like hardware issues etc.)

Stacy Brattager
Principal, Insurance Capital management

Great company and pleasure to deal with. In these days of not speaking with a live person this us not the case. There's always someone to answer our calls and help out.  We highly recommend  this company and have used them for many years.

Horizon Entertainment

I had such a positive experience with this company, the people who work here are so kind and patient and helpful.

Nicole Farr
Dentist, Dr. Nicole Farr DMD

We recently purchased the news slider for SharePoint. We had some questions about various configuration options, and Karim was able to connect to my machine via the web and walk through the setup with me. He also helped me make a couple of minor changes that made the slider work much better within our environment. Great product, and a good experience overall with customer support. Thanks very much!

Jason Graves

Researched a number of possible host for our SharePoint, decided on TekReach, and they were wonderful. Prompt responses during the engagement and setup, quick answers to a few questions during configurations, and almost no changes required because they got it right the first time. I would not hesitate to recommend TekReach again.

Don L. Stewart

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