How Law Firms are Using Technology Survey Infographic

By Albatross Editorial Team

We scouted the internet for how Law Firms and Lawyers are using technology today and we came across this article by American Bar Association written by Natalie Kelly. We summarized the data in to an infographic. One thing to note is that more that 50% of firms reported being infected by malware or viruses. That is a big number. The survey also indicates that small law firms do need strong tech support to run their business. Considering that client information is very sensitive, law firms must be very diligent at making every effort to protect it.

  • 48% Budget for technology-related expenses
  • 77% Outsource IT Support
  • 45% Hire Internal Support
  • 6% Used Only Vendor Hardware/Software Vendor Support
  • 56% Used Cloud Services
  • 45% Used Case Management Software
  • 82% Used PDF Editing software
  • 34% Used Metadata removal software
  • 35% Used Document Automation Software
  • 67% Used redlining software
  • 37% Used records management software
  • 53% Reported being infected with spyware, malware, or viruses
  • 31% Reported using email encryption
  • 70% Used Anti-Virus Software
  • 27% Carried Cyber-liability Coverage
  • 76% Have Tech Policies in Place
  • 44% Have email policies in place
  • 39% Have internet policies in place