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Hosted Applications

Cloud-Hosted Server and Desktop Applications on Windows or Linux


Around the Clock Business Continuity Masterfully-managed applications and services can assure you that technology will not get in the way of your business operations.Expert Application Level Support Application-level support will assure you that your IT and End Users will receive well-rounded support at every level.Stress-Free Business Operations Ultimately, you need technology working for you so that you can focus on the core of your business operations.


Microsoft Server Applications

Database Applications


Continuous Backups Application data backed up continuously with customizable retention periods. No Hardware to Manage Put an end to cumbersome hardware management and focus on your business applications. Application Support We can support your application deployments and ongoing management. App Configurations Our team goes beyond to help your organization customize any configuration that best suits your needs. Top Performance Your applications will run on top-notch server hardware backed up with SLAs as needed. Secure Encrypted and secured connections to ensure proper company policy compliance.


How it works


We support a big list of Microsoft Applications both server and desktop products. We also support Linux applications from Wordpress, Joomla, and hundreds of others. We can setup your applications for development or production and provide monitored and continuous support so that you can ensure your business is uninterrupted.



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