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FileMaker Server Hosting 15


FileMaker Advanced Dedicated or Shared Hosting


Why Host FileMaker Server?


FileMaker Pro server (Advanced) is a power database tool that provides highly scalable and customizable business applications. Often if you need to use FileMaker with more than one user, you must have a way of sharing the database. This is done best by using the FileMaker Server product, which is designed to publish apps for use using any client such as a web browser, iPhone Apps, or desktop app. The downside is that you need to setup this file server and configure it on your own and have it hosted somewhere then make sure it is secure, backed up and monitored. Hosting your FileMaker with us, allows you get up and running quickly on your FileMaker database app.


You also have the option of hosting FILEMAKER GO CLIENT on a HOSTED DESKTOP.





  1. Configuration. We configure your server so that you can focus on your application.
  2. Backups. We backup your FileMaker database and server configurations so your data is always protected.
  3. Cost Savings. By using a shared server you will be able to save money by sharing the cost of a server.
  4. Dedicated. You can have a dedicated server as well all to yourself.
  5. Integration. If your database needs to be integrated with other line of business applications, we can create a seamless connection your systems on premises.
  6. Scaling. Scale up as you need on resources.




We support both FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced.

FileMaker Go Clients

Browser Support Instant Web Publishing with File Server Advanced.

Support for Thousands

Database Security and Roles

ODBC/JDBC Connectivity




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