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About the Company

Xerox State and Local Solutions delivers mission-critical services and solution on behalf of business and governments - creating exceptional outcomes for client and the millions who count on them. With over 68,000 employees it delivers solutions for healthcare, government, HR and transportation.

The Business Challenge

Xerox State and Local Solutions was seeking a hosted proposal development solution, demanding a robust, redundant and secure infrastructure to house its mission critical web application that is used to provide proposal development functionality to over one thousand users. Their prior solution was lacking in many aspects chose as SharePoint as the platform of choice as it offered the flexibility to rapidly customize the workflow their development team needed to run their operations smoothly. Of the essence was the robust infrastructure on which SharePoint was hosted and the robustness of the support team. This meant high-availability, data security along with a specialized technical support that understood SharePoint at a deep level were necessary to for the success of this project.

The Albatross Solution

After a few planning sessions with Xerox State and Location solutions, Albatross Cloud deployed on a fully functional application and provided all the infrastructure necessary to delivery on every functional item that was requested. The solution was a private cloud that met all the security needs and system availability. This was accomplished by providing redundant infrastructure topology allowing access to data in the event of any technical failure.

Albatross was also involved in the integration, development and configuration of all the various aspects of the solution that many other hosting companies forego. Xerox now runs their entire bid management application knowing that their data is in good hands, allowing them to focus on their operations and not the technical complexities needed to run their underlying infrastructure.