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About the Company

Strategic Resources, Inc. (SRI) is an international, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CMMI Level 3 Rated full-service provider with more than 30 years experience in the Federal, military, and commercial marketplaces. SRI blends the financial stability and proven quality performance of a large business with the flexibility, responsiveness, and personal attention of a small business.

The Business Challenge

After winning a large contract with the government, SRI was required to manage report submission from army installations to government level PMO Office. They were also responsible to manage purchase request approval workflows from installations to the PMO. Previously SRI had relied on Excel spreadsheets to track this information. Their existing solution was not scalable. Because access to this information involved many users, providing different levels off access per role, and managing a more complex data and user experience meant that SRI had to find a reliable solution provider and hosting company that is able to deliver those requirements, while maintaining business continuity to this mission critical application.

The Albatross Solution

Because of the complexity of the project, the Albatross team proposed developing a proof of concept solution with some minimum viable product specifications that would demonstrate the capabilities of the solution. This also enabled SRI team to visualize and refine the workflow requirements to tailor the solution to the government needs. Upon a successful proof of concept phase, an iterative development was perfomed by Albatross leading up to the finished production grade solution.

Given the scale of the users, SRI needed end user support to be provided by Albatross. By doing so, SRI was able to ensure that all users were able receive the technical support and training on any part of the application.

The application was configured in a private cloud environment comprised of various Windows Servers which hosted SharePoint, Active Directory and SQL Server. Cloud backups, and audit logs were enabled to ensure proper compliance and data protection.