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About the Company

The Horspool Law Group is small law firm located in Redlands, California that specializes in probate, trust and estate planning services with over 20 years in business.

The Business Challenge

The Horspool Law Group, a respected institution in the legal sector, faced a significant challenge with their traditional office infrastructure. Operating with dated network equipment, aging desktop computers, and local file servers crammed into a small, cramped office space, the firm was poised precariously on the edge of technological obsolescence. There were growing concerns about interruptions that could be prompted by potential hardware failures, making system upgrades a pressing issue.

The management realized the criticality of a technology refresh, primarily focusing on their outdated servers. They considered the costly proposition of procuring a new server and migrating the amassed data, a significant undertaking given the nature of their operation. While this approach would have addressed their immediate issues, it did not present a sustainable or cost-efficient solution over the long term.

Thus, their thoughts turned towards exploring alternative options that could offer not just an immediate resolution but also pave the way for sustainable, efficient, and modern operations. The necessity for change began to overshadow the comfort of the status quo, propelling them to consider innovative solutions beyond traditional hardware upgrades. Their quest for an alternative path eventually led them to consider our services.

The Albatross Solution

The team at Albatross, understanding the unique requirements of the Horspool Law Group, proposed a comprehensive, advanced solution customized for their needs. Our experts held detailed discussions with Horspool's management, presenting a compelling, all-inclusive package that seamlessly integrated cutting-edge IT services, secure cloud storage, and critically, remote desktop hosting.

The introduction of the hosted desktop solution has been a game-changer for Horspool. This feature enables the law firm's team to access their work desktops from anywhere, thus providing the ability to work flexibly and efficiently, regardless of their physical location. With all their applications and data centralized in the cloud, it's now remarkably easier for their IT team to manage. They can quickly and securely update, troubleshoot, and maintain systems without the need for physical access to each workstation.

Our offering outperformed every other alternative proposed to them, not just in terms of addressing their immediate concerns, but also providing long-term value and sustainability. Coupled with significant cost savings, Horspool readily embraced Albatross Legal WorkSpaces.

Transitioning smoothly to our platform, Horspool now stores all their files securely in the cloud, with the assurance of regular backups and robust data protection. Beyond just data security, the transformative impact of our hosted desktop solution has significantly boosted operational efficiency and the overall productivity of their team.

Furthermore, Albatross is committed to providing uninterrupted, 24/7 support to Horspool, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of their new IT infrastructure. From routine software updates to a dedicated help desk for their staff, we've got them covered. With Albatross, Horspool Law Group has not only overhauled their technological framework, but also secured a trusted partner invested in their ongoing IT success.