City of Woodbury

City Portal

Document management
Single Sign On (SSO)

About the Company

Woodbury is a city in Washington County, Minnesota, and part of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area. The 2019 population for Woodbury was 72,828, making it the 9th most populous city in Minnesota.

The Business Challenge

The City of Woodbury was looking for a document management portal to disseminate various information to its workforce. They needed a secure solution that was easy to use and a partner that is capable of managing the various aspects of the solution. Integration with on-premises Active Directory was needed as well to support single sign on (SSO).

One concern for the City of Woodbury is their lack of in house skills in setting up and SharePoint and managing the infrastructure. To avoid hiring a full time staff for this project they considered outsourcing it to experienced vendors.

The Albatross Solution

Albatross Cloud provided the City of Woodbury with a solution that was based on Microsoft SharePoint. The solution consisted of a secure architecture that allowed users to access the SharePoint platform and access various documents. Albatross Cloud provided reliable uptime and support for the system admins of the system.